FEMA General Information

thYou may have first heard of FEMA after the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina, but FEMA has been assisting U.S. citizens with recovery since the late 1970’s.  While FEMA’s primary role is on the ground support for emergencies and disasters, they are also heavily involved in pre-disaster mitigation in which they take action before an incident, in order to identify risks and reduce injuries, loss of property, and recovery time. While they have been in the news lately for hurricanes, they regularly assist in wildfires, tornadoes, and snowstorms. FEMA also provides state and local governments with experts in specialized fields and funding for rebuilding efforts and relief funds for infrastructure along with extensive training of response personnel as part of their preparedness effort.

While the financial gain of being awarded FEMA contracts can be substantial in its own right, you are also contributing to a wonderful cause. When Katrina displaced the residents of New Orleans, FEMA mobilized and provided housing, medical services and rebuilding assistance to help those affected regain their quality of life. As a FEMA contractor you will not only be completing projects for the Federal Government, but will also be providing an invaluable service to the United States as well. You will be contributing to the welfare of America and that can be just as rewarding as the financial gain you stand to make.

Registering with the government to submit bids on FEMA contracts can be an invaluable revenue stream for your business. Over the past five years, FEMA has awarded over $12 billion dollars in government contracts to businesses just like yours.

If you are a vendor looking to gain ground in the federal market as either a contractor or sub-contractor there are things you need to know before you jump in headfirst and submit a bid. First you will need your DUNS number. If you do not have a DUNS number, you can obtain this from Dun & Bradstreet. Next, you will need to register with SAM (System for Award Management). Typically, the turnaround on receiving confirmation of registration can be 3-5 days providing everything was completely correctly.

So now should have your DUNS number and completed SAM registration. It is also recommended that you submit a FEMA Vendor Profile to the FEMA Vendor Liaison Program.

US Federal Contractor Registration will help you from start to finish with our comprehensive registration service. We will complete and walk you through the whole process including:

  • Receiving a DUNS number
  • Registering with SAM
  • Researching and locating FEMA opportunities

Why do business with USFCR?

In 2009 the Federal Government allocated over $442 billion to be offered to small businesses for government contracts. However, only $96 billion was awarded that year due to either unqualified businesses, improperly registered businesses, or a mixture of both. FEMA has also awarded a great deal of money, averaging $1 billion yearly to contractors for various projects. US Federal Contractor Registration has assisted thousands of businesses with registering to bid on FEMA contracts. What US Federal Contractor Registration prides itself on is the ability to offer peace of mind for you and your company. We take your registration from start to finish, ensuring it is completed thoroughly and setting you aside from the vendors who have not. Our Placement Specialists succeed in putting you in the position to win bids with FEMA.