US Federal Contractor Registration

US Federal Contractor Registration is the world’s largest third-party government registration firm. It registers its clients to do business with the federal government and helps clients optimize their government brand. It is recommended that businesses that want to work on contracts with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) also submit a FEMA Vendor Profile to the FEMA Liaison Program. We recommend our clients complete and submit a SAM Registration and FEMA Vendor Profile at the same time.

Businesses can complete their SAM Registration and FEMA Vendor Profile on their own and for free, but it can take a business more than 20 hours to complete. Why does it take that long? Because businesses must comply with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), which is a document divided into three parts and further subdivided into 53 sections. Working with a third-party government registration firm gets you access to trained specialists who understand the FAR Regulations and how they apply to your specific business, and also ensures that your business remains in compliance as regulations are revised or added.

Once we’ve completed a client’s SAM Registration and FEMA Vendor Profile, we distribute this information to government buyers. We also work our clients to help them optimize their brand, and also provide them with information about current opportunities as well as contact information for buyers in their industry.

A platinum D&B-rated company, US Federal Contractor Registration has helped more than 65,000 federal contractors, nonprofits, state and local agencies, and even for the U.S. government complete SAM Registrations.

US Federal Contractor Registration is a Florida-based corporation located at:

9400 4th Street N Suite 111
Saint Petersburg, FL 33702

Phone: 877-252-2700


US Federal Contractor Registration is a trusted SAM Registration Company.